I strongly believe that the design of physical objects can significantly improve people’s lives.

Automation, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are rapidly shaping our future. The cycle of innovation is speeding up. And that's fantastic. Software updates don't cost physical resources - just peoples time and generosity. But physical products do cost physical resources. They use materials and energy. Our earth has finite resources. But we keep updating our phones, cars and buildings as if it is software. Why?

I will change this.

I want to work on projects that:

Theses are long-term pursuits. But I'm in this for the long-term. To do that, I create a habit of failing and learning from mistakes. The key to riding a unicycle is lean forward forward and keep pedaling. You are constantly falling forward. To stay up you must keep moving. Creating anything that matters involves failing falling. Making an impact with design requires constantly falling forwards. Sometimes we do fall off. But we get back up again, and keep moving.

I seek friendships with businesses that have a purpose. Businesses who are driven to create positive social and environmental impact. I'm still learning to ride the unicycle. If thats ok with you, join me. And create the future we both want.

- Ben Merrylees

Melbourne, Australia

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